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About Me



After many years working in the financial industry an idea started to form as to how I wanted to run my business if I ever got the opportunity. In 2019 I grabbed that opportunity and ran!


The inspiration for my new company comes from a place close to my heart.

My family has had a long history of health issues and I have seen first-hand the effect it can have on a family and their finances. Whether it be cardio vascular disease, cancer or any form of the unexpected, I strive to ensure my clients are protected. My father is currently on the heart transplant wait list which has shown me just how stressful these situations can be for a child, parent, sibling and friends.


The name also addresses the approach I plan to take in my new business venture - to build relationships and not just my portfolio. These conversations you trust me with are a “heart to heart” and I want you to know that you can entrust me with all of your financial needs. And that is how Heart to Heart Financial was born.

"Teach, don't preach"

I want to educate my clients, when they leave our meeting they are confident they made the right decision. Having a strong grasp on why we chose the solution we chose and why it makes sense for them. Having a two way conversation, asking questions and instilling confidence in your financial well being. We talk about physical health and are getting better at talking about mental health, it is time financial health gets the conversation it deserves.



I have worked for a "big bank" and as a broker. I can say with conviction that as a broker I am in a much better position to reach my goal and provide you with the best service and solutions possible at the best rates. 

Specializing in Life Insurance, Critical Illness Protection, Disability Insurance, Mortgage Protection, Investments and Employee Benefit Plans. I broker for over 20 insurance companies to ensure I find you the best solution for you and your family. Assisting you with your business needs to protect you and your employees from medical, dental and vision expenses or the loss of a key person within your business. 

Check out the tabs above for more information on any of these solutions.

Ralph Rubino - President
Heart To Heart Financial Inc.

My goal is to find you the best solution for the best price

so you don't have to!

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